On 31 st October people in Britain and the USA celebrate Halloween.
Halloween is the night on which ghosts and witches can be seen. On that night people- specially children- dress up with witches´hats, Dracula´s cloaks, frightened mask as monsters, wizards, black cats or vampires, etc…to scare their family and friends.

They make a lattern cutting the shape of a face from a hollow pumpkin. Then they light a candle inside it and put the lantern on a window. They are called Jack-o-lanterns.Also they play traditional games like “bobbing apples” or “trick or treat”.

Se queredes aprender algo máis sobre esta celebración, clicade sobre a imaxen de abaixo.
If you want to know more interesting things about this celebration click on this picture below.

Agora, por que non practicamos esta canción? Titúlase “O baile dos esqueletos”.
Now, why don´t you practise this song? It´s called “The skeleton dance”.

E, que me dicides desta? É perfecta para os máis pequechos do cole.
And, what about this one? It´s perfect for the youngest children in the school.

Gústanvos as pelis de debuxos? Ollade esta vella peli dirixida por Walt Disney en 1929. O reloxo da a medianoite… é a hora para que os esqueletos bailen.
Do you like watching cartoon films? Watch this old movie directed by Walt Disney in 1929. The clock strikes midnight…it´s time for the skeletons to dance.

O vindeiro 29 de Outubro imos celebrar Halloween cun concurso de cabazas. Espero que todos participedes.

Next 29 th October we are going to celebrate Halloween with a pumpkin contest. I wish that all of you participate in this show.

Here you have a video about our Halloween activities. Enjoy it!