Let’s start learning the ABC

As autumn starts with the first letter of the ABC, it is a perfect season to introduce it.

A is for autumn. Do you know more words starting with A? Take a look at this video.


Ordinal numbers

When objects are placed in order, we use ordinal numbers to tell their position.Ordinal numbers are similar to the numbers that you learned before (they are called Cardinal numbers).
Take a look at this video and learn the ordinal numbers from 1st to 10th.

Let’s practise how to pronounce the ordinal numbers.Click on the picture, listen and repeat.

Now, it’s time to play and check your progress! Enjoy these games.




Go on working with this online exercises.

Find this and other numbers exercises in English Exercises .org

Cardinal Numbers x Ordinal Numbers (1-100), by ale.teacher@ig.com.br
Find this and other numbers exercises in English Exercises .org

Autumn in Kindergarten

When a new season starts, there are many things that change and Autumn brings us new colours:red, yellow and brown.
Let’ s learn these colours with this short funny song.


O ano pasado traballamos nun libro colaborativo sobre Federico García Lorca con 29 centros máis de toda España e acabamos de enterarnos que o noso traballo foi o gañador do Premio Fundación Telefónica de Innovación Educativa na modalidade correspondente aos traballos que responden aos proxectos interescolares na aula.


Funny song for Kindergarten

Here you have some simple songs you can use in order to establish beginning and ending classroom routines.


ABCs in Europe:Here we are

Although classes are starting next 12th,  we have already begun to work with our european partern on an  Etwinning project about ABCs in Europe. In September, we have to prepare a presentation about the first day of school and a presentation about the places (country, region, town) where we live.
Here you have a our first work.

Welcome back 2012

Hello guys

The new Academic Year is just around the corner and I was wondering if you are in the mood to start again. I am really looking forward to see you next Wednesday, the12th.  And you?
Have you sorted out your school bags? My bag is full of new ideas and projects. I’d like to share two of them with you just to “whet your appetite”.

This term Year 6 students’ backs are going to feel better! Ha ha. That’s because we won’t need any textbook. We’ll use Moodle instead. (We’ll keep you informed when we post a link to our Moodle course. Check the blog regularly for more info) So this is going to be something totally different but we also believe that Moodle will make our lives easier.

Year 2 students are going to work on an Etwinning Project called “ABCs in Europe” in partnership with students from different European countries. We’ĺl learn the Abc in English and then we’ll try to learn words related to food, Christmas, clothes,…. in order to design our own ABCs

And more things you’ll find out during the school year.

See you soon

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Take care!

Ola rapaces
O novo curso está a piques de comezar e me pregunto se tendes ganas de comezar. Eu estou esperando con moita ilusión o videiro mércores 12. E vós?
Tendes xa preparadas as mochilas? A miñas está chea de novas ideas e proxectos. Gustaríame compartir con vos dúas para ir abrindo o apetito.
Este curso imos intentar alixerar as mochilas dos rapaces de 6º pois non imos traballar co libro de texto senon co Moodle, onde atoparedes o curso de Inglés de 6º co material que imos traballar. No blogue atoparedes dentro de pouco un enlace para acceder ao voso curso.
Os rapaces de 2 van traballar con outros rapces de distintos países europeos nun proxecto colaborativo titulado “ABCs in Europe”. Aprenderemos o abecedario en inglés e o empregaremos para aprender moitas palabras relacionadas coa comida, a roupa, o Nadal, etc.. así como facer un abecedario entre todos os países participantes.
E moitas máis cousas que iredes descubrindo ao longo do curso.

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