On 25th December English people eat a big lunch or dinner.They eat turkey with gravy, roast potaoes, sprouts and other vegetable. For dessert, they have hot Christmas pudding.

They pull Christmas crackers at the table. There are paper hats and presents in the crackers.

Here you have my students’ Christmas dinner. Delicious!



Here’s a super cute and easy homemade Christmas ornament for the kids to make.You can try them at home!

Aqui vos deixo un adorable e doado adorno para decorar a árbore en Nadal que podedes facer na casa cos vosos cativos.


This last  week we used popsicle sticks to make some Christmas  ornaments. We have already  used popsicle sticks to make different art craft before but this time we made ornaments shaped like a Christmas tree and a star!


Esta derradeira semana usamos palitos de madera para realizar adornos de Nadal. Algunhas veces  empregamos este material para realizar diferentes manualidades pero, neste caso, realizamos adornos con forma de árbore de Nadal e de estrela.

Materials for Popsicle Stick Christmas  Ornaments
  • Colored popsicle sticks (or you can paint regular popsicle sticks green and red)
  • Hot glue gun
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Crayons
  • Liquid glue and/or tape
  • Other embellishments (ribbon, glitter,stikers,  etc.)
Os materiales necesarios para realizar esta manualidade son os seguintes:
  • Palillos de madera de cores (ou ben podédelos pintar con témpera)
  • Pegamento quente( Podedes utilizar pegamento normal pero tardará máis en secar)
  • Lazo ou corda.
  • Tixeiras, papel e ceras.
  • Outros materiais para decorar a manualidade( purpurina, pegatinas, lazos,…)

IMG_20141202_125107     IMG_20141202_131106

Directions for Popsicle Stick Christmas  Ornaments

1. Glue three green popsicle sticks into a triangle using a hot glue gun. We need two triangles to make a star.

2.Cut another small piece of string to make a loop for hanging. Glue or tape this to the top back of your ornament.

3. Add any embellishments. I added  little golden or silver stars and a big one on the top of our trees.


1. Pegar tres palillos formando un triángulo con pegamento quente.

2. Cortar un trozo de lazo ou corda e pegalo por detrás da  parte superior do triángulo para poder colgalo.

3. Decoralo con purpurina, pegatinas,… Nos engadimos unha estrela grande na parte superior da árbore.

We hope you like it!

Letters from Level 4

These last weeks, students in level 4 have been learning  how to talk about on-going actions. In order to practise their writing and oral skills, they wrote a letter about their families at the weekend first and then they read it aloud  to the rest of the class. This type of activities provides a great opportunity to learn from and correct the mistakes and improve.

Take a look at this video.