Snowman crafts and song

We have just finished our short project about winter based on the book called The first Day of Winter. We enjoyed creating our own books, building up a snowman and learning some fun songs about snowflakes and snowmen. Take a look at this video.


A Brief Proyect about Madrid

Over the past week, students in Level 4 were working on a brief research project about the capital city of Spain: Madrid. They looked for information about this city and shared them with their fellows. Finally, they all together designed a big poster. Take a look at this video.


Interactive teacher: To Be – Past


The new topic in Level 6 is the past. So, if you want to study and practise at home, here you have some interesting links.

Video: Positive/ negative /questions


To Be grammar notes


Worksheet: To Be Simple Past 1

Worksheet: To Be Simple Past 2

Worksheet: To Be Simple Past 3

Worksheet:To Be Simple Past 4


Online exercise 1

Online exercise 2

Online exercise 3

Online exercise 4

Online exercise 5

Online exercise 6

Online exercise 7

Online exercise 8

Online exercise 9

Online exercise 10

Online exercise 11