Interactive teacher: To Be – Past


The new topic in Level 6 is the past. So, if you want to study and practise at home, here you have some interesting links.

Video: Positive/ negative /questions


To Be grammar notes


Worksheet: To Be Simple Past 1

Worksheet: To Be Simple Past 2

Worksheet: To Be Simple Past 3

Worksheet:To Be Simple Past 4


Online exercise 1

Online exercise 2

Online exercise 3

Online exercise 4

Online exercise 5

Online exercise 6

Online exercise 7

Online exercise 8

Online exercise 9

Online exercise 10

Online exercise 11


Act out: Where were you yesterday?

Here you have the new dialogue you have to act out next lesson in Level 6. Who wants to be the first volunteer? Do you dare?″ Ir a descargar

Happy birthday

Gogo’s five years old….and you….How old are you? Let’s learn the numbers from 1 to ten with Gogo.

How old are you? song by Genkienglish is a popular song amongst little kids. They love jumping and moving  while they sing it. Why don’t you try it with this mini lesson?


Check out how these children enjoy it!

Mingle game is a fun way to practise the question “How old are you?” with little kids.

Children have to mingle together and when the chant finishes everybody asks a kid How old are you? . The child responds and everybody has to get into groups of that number and sit down.Take a look at this video.