What’s the weather like?

What ́s the weather like today?  Is it sunny? Is it rainy? In Autumn, the weather is continually changing.

It’s crazy!!!!

How can Steve get home? Come with Steve and Maggie and learn all about the weather.

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Spooky Halloween 2016

Last Friday, we had a creepy, scary Halloween party  at school.


Scary costumes and horrifying make-ups filled classrooms and corridors.


And when the break ended……our Halloween Party started with three amazing performances by Kindergartens and Level 6 students .

But, that was not all!!! We enjoyed different Indoor Halloween games such as, bobbing for apples game, Ghost Bowling or Witch’s Hat Ring Toss.pizap-com14784664885971

And finally, we  knew the names of our Halloween Pumpkin Contest winners. As every year, it was really hard to choose the best pumpkins because they were all awesome. pizap-com14784659741391