Halloween Around the World: Mexico

day-of-the-dead-catrinaDay of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) is celebrated in Mexico between October 31st and November 2nd.  The celebration is designed to honor the dead* who, it is believed**, return to their homes on Halloween.
The Day of the Dead has its origins from pre-Hispanic civilizations from 2,500 to 3,000 years ago, before the Spanish conquered Mexico. That celebration took place*** in the 9th month of the Aztec calendar and lasted the whole month.
Traditionally, November 1 is the day for honoring dead children and infants, and November 2 is the day for honoring deceased adults.

day-of-the-dead-gravesIt’s a festive and colourful holiday. Many families construct an altar to the dead in their homes to honor deceased relatives**** and decorate it with sweets, flowers, photographs, deceased’s favorite foods and drinks, and fresh water.ofrenda-patzcuaro
Families clean the graves***** of their deceased relatives and decorate them with flowers, photos, candles, foods and drinks. People are all night in the cementeries, telling funny stories about their dead ancestors or playing the favorite songs of the dead.

Day of the Dead celebrations now also include community festivals, parades******, and street parties.celebrate-day-of-the-dead


Mexican people love making or buying sugar skulls ,called   “calavgroovy-sugar-skullseras de azúcar” in Spanish. Children often give their friends sugar skulls.

Catrinas dolls are the most popular symbol of The Day of the Dead in Mexico. They are tall and thin skelletons dressed up in beautiful clothes and decorated with flowers.They were created by a Mexican artist called Jose Guadalupe Posada.


dead*= muertos                               it is believed**= se cree

took place***= tenía lugar            deceased relatives****= familiares fallecidos

graves*****= tumbas                     parades*******- desfiles


Creepy, Scary, Spooky Halloween

Halloween is one of our favourite English celebrations. We have a Pumpkin Contest every year and everybody brings spooky creepy pumpkins. What about this year? Are your pumpkins ready?

Do you know how British children celebrate Halloween in the UK? Take a look at this video!


This year, the topic chosen for the Halloween decoration is” spiders”.So, let’s learn this  Super Simple  Halloweeen counting song. Enjoy it!

Good books to read in Halloween

610i5ShtQVL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Winnie the Witch is back for a new and dotty adventure and this time it is with pumpkins. Winnie loves all kinds of vegetables but she loves pumpkins best of all. Sick and tired tired of going to market and bring them back home, Winnie decides to grow her own. With a little hard work and a lot of magic Winnie soon has an amazing supply of pumpkins. So many pumpkins that even Winnie and her cat Wilbur can’t eat them all. But luckily Winnie comes up with a wholly original use for a giant pumpkin…

Winnie está de volta cunha nova e chiflada aventura sobre cabazas. A Winnie encántanlle as cabazas. Cansada e aburrida de ir ao meracado e traelas de volta a casa, decide plantalas. Cun pouco de traballo e moita máxia, Winnie consegue rapidamente unha grande cantidade de cabazas. Tantas que nen Wilbur, o seu gato,  nen ela poden comer. Pero afortunadamente a Winnie ocúrreselle un uso moi orixinal para unha cabaza xigante…




Ed Emberley has created an ingenious way for children to chase away their nighttime fears. Kids can turn the pages of this die-cut book índiceand watch the Big Green Monster grow. Then, when they’re ready to show him he can’t scare them, they’ll turn the remaining pages and watch him disappear! You only have to shout: GO AWAY!!!Ed Emberley creou unha maneira moi enxeñosa para espantar os medos noctunos do máis cativos. Os nenos poden pasar as páxinas deste libro troquelado e ver ao mostruo crecer. Logo, cando estén preparados para amosarlle de que non lles asustar, irá desaparecendo a medida que pasen as follas! Só tendes que berrar: DESAPARECE!




2012 Halloween Party

Yesterday we celebrated Halloween at school with a big scary creepy party. We drank hot chocalate, ate cake and sang some Halloween songs.

Take a look at this video.

2012 Halloween Party from María Abilleira Pomar on Vimeo.

Moreover, as every year, we celebrated the 6th pumpkin contest. This year, all the pumpkins were reallyscary.

Congratulations to everyone.

2012 Pumpkin Contets from María Abilleira Pomar on Vimeo.