Let’s go on picnic!

Do you want to go on picnic? First, let’s review some words related to food.
Are you ready?

Queredes ir de picnic? Antes repasemos algunhas palabras relacionadas coa comida. EStades preparados?



Delicious food lims

Fátima V. do CEIP de Seixo created this easy lim to learn fruit and to review numbers and colours.I think it’s really suitable for my students in level 1.

These lims are for my students in level 3 and 4. Let’s learn more vocabulary about food and drinks. Thanks to Guadalupe Hermida and Filomena Manzano for these amazing lims. Are you ready?


Before doing some activities related to this topic, let´s learn some food words.

Antes de realizar exercicios relacionados con este tema, imos aprender algunhas palabras sobre a comida.

Tes fame ou sede?Imaxina que estás en Londres e tes que xantar. Sabes cómo se di en inglés pan ou café. Practica o teu inglés coas seguintes actividades de educa.madrid.


Are you hungry or thirsty? Imagine that you are in London and you want to eat something. Do you know how to say in English “pan” or “café”? Practise your English by doing these activities.

Clicade no acceso da actividade de “Food”.

What´s for lunch?

Click on  the pictures to hear the words and,               Let´s go on playing and learning.

then select a key word to play.