Snowman poem

Spring with its longer and warmer days is around the corner! But, winter has its own good things, too. One of these is to have fun playing in the snow and making snowmen with our friends or family. Why don’t enjoy winter at school?

That’s why, my 6th Grade Infants School worked this topic what allowed them to learn about feelings, weather, winter clothes, numbers, and so on, through poetry.

Here you have the final products of this brief school project.



Clothes in Level 3

Let’s practice!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Click on the picture(Clica na imaxe)



Portfolio level 3


Mr. Winter lim

I have created this lim specially for my 5-years-old children to reinforce what they are learning in our project “It´s Winter Time!”



Mr. Winter film

Here you have our new video based on our tale ” Mr. Winter “. Enjoy it!!!

Mr. Winter from María Abilleira Pomar on Vimeo.
After watching this video, my 5-years-old children drew Mr. Winter. They’re great!!!


Quizlet: Clothes 1

Let’s practise the clothes words and the structures It’s a…. and They are….. 2013-01-14_2131

Mr. Winter. What do you see?

That time of the year has come, and Mr. Winter is visiting us again. Here you have a story based on an Eric Carle’s book called Brown Bear. What do you see?
Let’s make the puzzle.

The clothes lim

Let’s review the vocabulary related to the clothes with this lim created by Yoli Neira. It’s really amazing!