Spanish inventions

Do you know who invented the submarine or the shaperner? And do you know who invented the lollipops? All these inventions were made in……. Spain.

Yes, amazing!!!!

Let’s discover some of the most famous. Click on the pictures to learn more about the Spanish inventions.

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Famous British People from the Past

My favourite British person from the past is David Livingstone. He was a missionary,a doctor, an explorer and a famous discoverer.

This is his life timeline:

-David Livingstone was born in 1813 in Scotland.
-When he was a child, he studied in a school after working in a cotton mill* during 14 hours.
-In the mid 1830s, he studied at the University of Glasgow because he wanted to be a missionary and after that, he studied medicine in London.
-In 1840, he travelled to Africa and he started to explore this continent.
-In 1855, David Livingstone was the first European to see the Mosi-oa-Tunya waterfalls, which he renamed Victoria Falls.
-In 1866, Livingstone discovered the source** of the Nile River.During this journey, he was very ill- suffering cholera and he disappeared. Three years later, Henry Stanley found*** him.
-He never returned to England. He died of malaria in 1873 in Africa.
mill*= molino source**=nacimiento found***= encontró

The Real Story Of Stanley and Livingstone.

What’s your famous British People from the past? Take a look at these links and choose your famous British people from the past. Are you ready to write a questionnaire about him or her?






Important people from history

We go on working with the Simple Past Tense in level 6. In this ocassion, our task consists on making an interactive book about improtant people from history like Gabriel García Márquez, Miguel de Cervantes or Thomas Edison. Each students has to write several sentences about the most impotant facts about his/her person and illustrate it with a picture from the Internet.

Seguimos traballando co pasado en 6º. Nesta ocasión, a tarefa consiste en crear un libro interactivo sobre persoeiros importantes da historia como Gabriel García Márquez, Miguel de Cervantes ou Thomas Edison. Cada rapaz ten que escribir un pequeno texto destacando algúns datos importantes da súa persoa e ilustralo cunha imaxe extraída da Internet.

This time the digital tool chosen is called StoryJumper


Story Jumper is an awesome website that allows students to easily create and discover stories.You can use Story Jumper with your students to spark their creativity and develop their writing skills.Click on the picture for more information about this tool.

A ferramenta dixital elexida para esta ocasión é StoryJumper.

StoryJumper  preséntase como uhna opción moi  interesante para desenrolar a creatividade e aa escritura mediante o uso das novas tecnoloxías.Clicade na imaxe para obter máis información sobre esta ferramenta.



If you want to find out more information about your famous person from history, click on the pictures..

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