This is my family

Students in level 1 learnt how to introduce their families and in order to practise all what they learnt they developed a short project about their families. Moreover, they realized that not all families are the same but they all have one thing in common: the love that their members have each other.
Os rapaces de 1º aprenderon a presentar as súas familias e, para practicar o que aprenderon, realizaron un pequeno proxecto sobre as súas familias. Ademais, decatáronse de que non todas as familias son iguais pero que todas teñen algo en común: o cariño que se teñen uns membros aos outros.


The most amazing works

During December, students in level 6 were working with a tool called Glogster to present their works about the superlative.Each group chose a topic, sought information and photos on the Internet, wrote a script and created a poster. Here you have the Glogster created by Marcos, Seijas, Iván, and Joni about the most amazing constructions in the world.



Saint Patrick’s Day Glogsters

Who was St. Patrick?
                    Where was he born?
                           When is St. Patrick’s Day celebrated?
                                   How do people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
                                                          Who are the Lepreachauns?
These and more questions about this special date are answered by students in level 6 in these glogsters.

London Guide

During this second term, students in level 6 go on working on the project called Let’s travel. In this case, they have to create a tourist guide of the capital city of England, London. They used a web tool that allowed them to make and share  interactive poster online. Do you want to take a look at one of them? If you want to know more about this project or watch more glogsters , visit our page Let’s Travel.

O longo deste segundo trimestre, os rapaces de 6º seguen a traballar co proxecto Let’s travel. Neste caso, teñen que crear unhas guías turísticas sobre a capital de Inglaterra, Londres. Usaron unha ferramenta que lles permitíu crear e compartir poster interactivos. Queredes botarlle unha ollada a un deles? Se queredes saber  máis sobre este traballo ou ver outros glogsters, visitade a nosa páxina Let’s Travel.

Good books to read in winter

Reading a good book is always a pleasure.
Here you have some fantastic books to read in winter. They are a great complement for the short, cold days and long winter nights. Read one of these books, cuddled up in a blanket on a sofa next to fire with a big cup of hot chocolate.


Ler é sempre un pracer.
Aquí tendes algúns fantásticos libros para  ler en inverno. Son un bó complemento para os fríos e curtos días e para as longas noites de inverno. Lede un destes libros  acurrucado nun sillón preto do lume cunha manta e unha cunca grande de chocolate quente.

What do you like for lunch?

It´s lunchtime! Listen to our students in level 3. They are going to tell you what they like to eat for lunch.
And… What about you?

” Algúns nenos comentan que teñen problemas co Glogster. Intentádeo no outro blogue FUNNY RAINDROPS. O link está nas barras laterais da dereita en INTERESTING BLOGS AND LINKS.