Explorers 3….Let’s review!

Source: Rabadeira in English……Thanks for this amazing post.


Click and listen the words



Match the pictures to the words 


Find the pairs


In this game go to UNIT 1 and you can practice the structure I’VE GOT and I HAVEN’T GOT


Go agan to UNIT 1 and you can review school thigs vocabulary and the structure I’VE GOT and I HAVEN’T GOT


A bag of toys

Before starting Christmas holidays, my students in level 1 finished a new  portfolio. But first, they were practising the new structures and the vocabulary with a bag full of things. Take a look at this video.

Here you have their portfolio. Good job!





Do you want to play domino?

Yesterday, students in level 3 spent the whole lesson playing an animal domino. And, at the same time, the vocabulary and structures of unit  5 were reinforced in a very fun way . We had a great time! If you want to play this domino, click on the photo and download the SMART NOTEBOOK file.

pizap.com13987987282362Onte, os rapaces de 3º pasaron toda a clase xogando ao dominó.Ao mesmo tempo, repasamos o vocabulario e as estructuras da unidade 5 dun xeito ameno e divertido. Pasámolo xenial! Se queredes descargar o archivo para traballar na pizarra dixital, clicade na imaxe.

Pronto publicaremos unha páxina coas actividades Notebook que empregamos na aula de inglés!

Soon we will be publishing a new page with all the Notebook activities used in our English classes.