Snowman crafts and song

We have just finished our short project about winter based on the book called The first Day of Winter. We enjoyed creating our own books, building up a snowman and learning some fun songs about snowflakes and snowmen. Take a look at this video.


Amazing maths! A new eTwinning project in Kindergarten

fullscreen_capture_992013_84652_am_optAmazing maths! Creating funny math activities in kindergarten is the new eTwinning project in which my kindergarteners are participating this school year together with other children from different European countries.

Do maths for maths has little interest.For this reason, all of the teachers who participate in this project want to play  with maths in a funny or artistic way and creating math activities for the others.

Amazing maths! Creating funny math activities in kindergarten é o novo proxecto no que os nenos de infantil van a participar este curso xunto con outros rapaces de distintos países europeos.

Facer matemáticas polas matemáticas non ten interese algún. Por iso, todos os mestres que participamos neste proxecto queremos xogar coas matemáticas dun xeito divertido ou artístico e crear actividades para os demais.

The theme for October and November is “Shapes are everywhere, let’s play with them (can be linked with Art)”

O tema para ouctubro e novembro é “As figura xeométricas están por todas partes, xoguemos con elas (podemos relacionalas co arte).

vassily-kandinskyMy students have just discovered that shapes are everywhere even in art. So during these months, we are going to work with a Russian artist called Wassily Kandinski, one of the founding fathers of Abstract Art.Kandinsky’s early paintings were landscapes that were heavily influenced by Impressionist artists . But about 1909 Kandinsky began to think that shapes and colours alone could be art. Kandinsky felt that he could express feelings and music through colours and shapes in his paintings.  The shapes he was most interested in were the circle, triangle, and the square. He thought the triangle would cause aggressive feelings, the square calm feelings, and the circle spiritual feelings.
Os meus rapaces acaban de descubrir que estamos rodeados de figuras xeométricas. PorBlue Painting by Wassily Kandinsky OSA468 iso, durante estes meses imos traballar cun artista ruso chamado Wassili Kandinsky, un dos pais do arte abstracto.Os primeiros traballos de Kandinski foron paisaxes influenciados polos Impresionistas pero, polo 1909 comenzou a pensar que as figura e as cores podían ser arte. Kandinski sentía que podía expresar sentimentos e música a través das cores  a das figuras nas súas obras. As figuras nas que máis interesado estaba eran o círculo, o triángulo e o cadrado. Pensaba que o triángulo causaría sentimentos agresivos, o círculo sentimentos de sosiego e o círculo sentimentos espirituais.


Here you have our first activities.

Winter project in Kindergarten

Before going on Easter holiday, my 5-years-old children would like to show you what they did during this term.I have to say that it has been a great experience for everybody and  I am very proud of what they have achieved. Congratulations!!!!

Anter se sair de vacacións de Pascua, os meus rapaces de 5 anos queren mostrarvos o que fixeron durante este trimestre. Teño que dicir que foi unha experiencia increíble e que estou moi orgullosa do que acadaron. Felicidades!!!

Winter Project from María Abilleira Pomar on Vimeo.

Click on the picture to take a look at their work.

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