Portfolio: Interview with a friend

In this occasion, the task consisted on writing about a friend’s tastes. First, children had to develop and implement a short survey that provide information about their friends’ likes, dislikes, and special interests.Then, they wrote a report using all the information gathered in the interviews.

I like this type of tasks because they let students use all they are learning in a real contest  giving meaning to our daily and long term work.

Thanks children in Level 5 for collaborating with us!

Nesta ocasión, a tarefa consistiu en escribir sobre os gustos dun amigo. Primeiro, tiveron que elaborar unha enquisa e entrevistar a un amigo maior elexido por eles para obter información que logo usaron para escribir un informe real.

O motivo polo que empregamos este tipo de tarefas é porque nos proporcionan un contexto real no que aplicar o que estamos a traballar na aula dándolle sentido ao noso traballo diario.

Gracias aos rapaces de 5º por colaborar nesta tarefa!

First step: The interview allows to develop the oral skills and provides us a good opportunity to check, correct and improve.

Second step: The report allows to develop the writing skills

A Brief Proyect about Madrid

Over the past week, students in Level 4 were working on a brief research project about the capital city of Spain: Madrid. They looked for information about this city and shared them with their fellows. Finally, they all together designed a big poster. Take a look at this video.


Letters from Level 4

These last weeks, students in level 4 have been learning  how to talk about on-going actions. In order to practise their writing and oral skills, they wrote a letter about their families at the weekend first and then they read it aloud  to the rest of the class. This type of activities provides a great opportunity to learn from and correct the mistakes and improve.

Take a look at this video.

Numbers to 20

Let’s sing and count to 20 in this fun children’s song!

And if you don’t want to learn numbers in a tradicional way, count from 1-20 with the music of Mark D. Pencil and Friends.

Help Tom get ready to bed  by dragging  the numbers into the correct order.Undo an  answer by clicking on the flower.

Axuda a Tom a prepararse para is a cama arrastrando os números na orde correcta. Se queres borrar unha resposta, clica na flor.