New school year, new fresh ideas

School year started some weeks ago and we have been working so hard designing and developing an easy game for the first levels in order to check what students can remember. They loved it and it was a funny initial evaluation.

This strategy of initial evaluation helped me determinate the level of my pupils in the first courses of Primary Education without anyone noticing that they were under evaluation and let me know how is the previous level in order to build up a didactic plan about what should be the planification of the curricular elements for the students.

We used a dice, a set of flash cards, a set of question cards and a set of instruction cards.

I’m sure that we’ll use it more times troughout this academic year!!!!




Recycling our English

Board games may be old school but they are great for kids for different reasons. They’re still a super-fun way to teach kids about following rules, taking turns, counting spaces, and accepting rewards and consequences.

In addition, board games offer interactive English language practice in a learner-centered, low-stress environment.

I have designed two easy board games for Level 5 and Level 6 that require the students to produce certain types of expressions, so they practice a variety of vocabulary, grammatical patterns, and functional meanings.

Here you have a ppt about the rules of these board games.


I am sure students will enjoy reviewing and recycling their knowledge of English with these board games.

I see colours everywhere

I like colours. And you?

Watch and listen


Please, listen carefully and try to  repeat the colours.

Click on the colours and listen to its pronunciation…


Now, let’s play with these simple online games and enjoy practising the colours.









Here you have a collection of free printable worksheets to learn and practise the English vocabulary related to colours.


Why don’t we sing this funny song to learn the colours?


More places in town

Let’s practise the new vocabulary!


Here you have other quizlets to review more vocabulary.




I love my family



Prepositions and rooms

If you want to review, here you have these videos posted in the CEIP José Sánchez Blog


Farm animals

Unit 3 in Level 1 is about farm animals.Here you have a lim to practise at home.




Let’s start a new unit in level 5.

Today’s lesson is about collections.

Are you ready to learn some new words?

Here you have a new quizlet. Enjoy it!



In my town




Quizlet: TV Programmes

We’re starting unit 3 in Level 6. This unit is about TV programmes and Tv habits.
Do you like watching TV?                      What is your favourite TV programme?
What type of programme is it?
Let’s practise the TV programmes words with this Quizlet. Enjoy it!!!