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Let’s start a new unit in Level 5. In this unit we will learn about free time activities at the weekend. We will use adverbs of frequency and talk about how often we do things. Why don’t we start learning the new vocabulary? Take a look at this video and then, have a fun time practising the new words with a quizlet.

FREE TIME ACTIVITIES from María Abilleira Pomar on Vimeo.

Halloween 2020

This year Halloween was celebrated following some measures taken to make our school a Covid-free space because Covid-19 can’t stop us from learning, having fun and sharing meaningful moments!!!

We organized our typical Pumpkin contest in a different way but, I have to say that it was incredibly spooky and creative.

Halloween 20 from María Abilleira Pomar on Vimeo.

Students in kindergarten and Primary made different art crafts related to the activities developed during this week in their classrooms.

Emotional Pumpkins in Level 1

Monster masks in Kindergarten

The origins of Halloween

Halloween was originally a Celtic festival, celebrated in the British Isles, called Samhain. The Celts believed that on the last night of October the souls of the dead visited the earth.

The Romans adopted the festival too and it spread.

When the Catholic church began celebrating All Soul’s Day on the first of November, the mass was called the mass of All Hallows, so the evening before was called Hallowe’en, the evening before All Hallows.

Nowadays, Halloween is celebrated in many countries all over the world.

Bunting Vector Vintage - St Patricks Day Bunting , Transparent Cartoon -

Let’s see how people celebrate this festivity in the UK.

Jack and his family are preparing for the Halloween party tonight. They make some scary food, carve a pumpkin, dress into costumes and have fun!

Watch the clip about a British family celebrating Halloween. Meanwhile, choose the correct answer.

Emotional Pumpkins

Halloween is here again!!!!!!!!! We can’t have Halloween withoot PUMPKINS…..

Pirate Tobee and Caitie decide carve different faces in their pumpkins, but first we should practise counting by singing a song about different pumpkins faces called “5 Little Pumpkins!. Pirate Tobee loves the song. Enjoy it!!!

Are you ready to make some faces and sing along with these pumpkins?

Click on the pictures and download some resources from Super Simple Songs and play at school or at home!



And now… are you ready to carve your own Jack-O-Lantern???? I can’t wait to see them.


How are you feeling today? Are you happy or sad? When I’m Happy, I laugh… What about you?

Learn about feelings and emotions with Fun Kids Monsters as you sing about feeling happy, sad, angry, hungry and sleepy. Are you ready?

Our friends, Elmo and Kermit are going to talk about emotions. They are so crazy!!!!

Finally, the Puffballs from Sesame Street show us what make them happy or sad.

Focus on grammar Level 6

This video describes the correct usage of “Like + ing” with some specific examples. It also expresses the precise use of ‘love’, ‘like’, and ‘hate’ to say how we feel about something or about an activity.

Please, copy the remembers in your notebooks

And now, let's practise this dialogue at home.