The Colour Monster Goes to School

Every new school year we start school with a suitcase full of books and stories especially selected for enjoying and learning at the same time.

Our first book was The Colour Monster Goes to School, a perfect story for the first day of school because everybody ever felt like The Colour Monster does….excited and nervous when he arrives , wondering what school will be like.

Como cada ano, comezamos o curso cunha maleta chea de libros escollidos especialmente para aprender e gozar. O noso primeiro libro titúlase The Colour Monster Goes to School, unha historia perfecta para os primeiros días de cole. Porque….sabesde? Quen non se sentiu algunha vez como o monstro de cores, vnervioso e excitado preguntándonos como sería o cole?

It’s perfect to introduce the vocabulary related to school objects and facilities, colours, actions, …

Ademais é perfecto para presentar o vocabulario dos distintos espazos do cole e dos obxectos da clase, así como para traballar as cores, accións,…

After reading the story, my preschoolers created different signs for our classroom and other facilities at school. They were really thrilled with the idea of giving the other teacher their signs. And so were teachers!!!

Despois de ler o conto, os meus rapaces crearon uns carteis para a nosa clase e outras clases e espazos do cole. Non sabedes o encantados que estaban por agasallar aos profes cos seus traballos. E os profes tamén!!!!!

This activity also allowed us to connect, for the first time, sounds and letters in English through facial gestures and body movements.

Esta actividade premitiunos conectar por primeira vez os sons e as letras en inglés empregando movementos e xestos.

This year, we are participating in a Etwinning project with other European schools called You feel, I feel. So, it was a good opportunity for us to work with emotions (HAPPY, SAD, NERVOUS) and discover when and why we feel as we do. And …Do you know? We all are happy to be at school again!!!!

Este ano estamos participando nun proxecto Etwinning con outros colexios europeos chamado You feel, I feel. Asi que, foi unha boa oportunidade para traballar as emocións e descubrir cando e por que me sinto como me sinto. E sabedes? Estamos felices de estar no cole de novo!!!!!

10 Timid Ghosts

It’s Halloween time and “Ten Timid Ghosts” has been chosen to work with it this year.

HAVE YOU EVER READ THIS BOOK? Ten timid ghosts in a haunted house have a problem: A bad witch wants to move in and scare them away, one by one! Poor ghosts! Scary creatures help the witch, but …Will they get it?

Are you ready to hear it?

Calendar journal

I love starting each lesson with a short routine , but I’m not always sure that the kids are listening and getting much out of it.So, this year we started using a calendar journal template daily to help me assess rather my students are understanding the calendar time. As the weeks progress, I realized that students understand the concepts and they feel confident enough to complete the calendar journal by themselves.

This simple sheet gives us a review of that days most basic skills and reinforce calendar and number skills.

Skills Assessed:

-Days of the Week

-Months of the Year

-Today’s Date


-Letter Review and Writing

-Number Review and Writing

-Colour Review



I laminated as many templates as students in each level and they use liquid chalk markers to complete them.

Este ano comezamos usar unha plantilla durante a nosa rutina diaria que me axudou a comprobar se realmente entendían o que estabamos a facer. Esta plantilla permítenos revisar todos os días as habilidades básicas (listening, speaking, reading, writing) e conceptos básicos coma as cores, días, meses, o tempo metereolóxico, os sentimentos….. e. cada semana que pasa, doume conta de que imos afianzando os diferentes conceptos e que van gañando a suficiente confianza para realizar a rutina eles solos á vez que pasamos un bo rato.

All about us

New schooll year, new grade!

We all are older each year and, we have more new things about us to share with our partners.

Would you like to meet us?

Un novo ano escolar, un novo curso!

Cada ano somos máis maiores e temos cousas novas que compartir cos nosos compañeiros.

Queredes coñecernos?

What time is it?

Are you ready to learn how to say the time in English? Don’t worry because it is really easy.

  • Let’s start with “O’CLOCK”

When the long hand is pointing to number 12, we say “O’CLOCK”. Here you have a picture to help you.

Can you tell the time? Let’s practice together!


  • Let’s go on with “HALF PAST”

When the long hand is pointing to number 6, we say “HALF PAST“. Here you have a picture to help you.

Can you tell the time? Let’s practice together!

Now, let’s practice with these exercises.Don’t forget to send me them, please!!!

Writing dates in English

We write the date in English in different ways. The most common way in British English is to write the day of the month first (ordinal numbers), then the month (starting with a capital letter) and then the year:

 7th September, 2021

*You can write first the day of the week.

Monday, 1st December, 1997

When we say dates in English , we say ‘the’ before the number followed by ‘of’. For example,

It’s the first of January.


In English, DAYS AND MONTHS always with an initial capital: January, February, Tuesday, Sunday,…

Seguir lendo


Hi, guys! Here we are again.

I hope you had a marvellous summer but a new school year starts and our blog is ready to help us .

I’m looking forward to working with you during this school year. What about you? Are you ready to have a great year?  

Always remember be possitive and try new things….and don’t forget…..

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